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April 4, 2013

Keys to Stress Reduction

Some stress is natural, but often times stress becomes a problem when it leaves you feeling overwhelmed and out of control. Seventy seven percent of Americans report experiencing physical symptoms of stress, according to a 2012 study done by the American Psychological Association.


In fact, on an average day, 1 million Americans call into work sick for stress-related reasons. Looking for a way to reduce the stress in your life? The answer may lie in a massage with aromatherapy. Both have been scientifically proven to aid people in reducing their feelings of stress and the resulting health issues.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) looked at the effects of touch massage on stress responses and found that after five minutes participants’ heart rates decreased. Levels of cortisone, a stress-related hormone, were also significantly lowered. An added bonus? Massage has been shown to make people feel better about their bodies, too.

Meanwhile, another NCBI study found evidence of lowered stress levels in high school students who were given aromatherapy. Lavender in particular is known for its calming properties, but other relaxing fragrant oils that can help include chamomile and vetiver.

A more relaxed you could just be a massage (with aromatherapy!) away.

Comment on our blog posts throughout this month because we’re giving away a free massage session to two lucky winners in April!

Christopher Stipp is the Director of Online Marketing for Massage Envy. Connect with .

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76 Responses

  1. Hilda Closs

    Every one needs a massage once in a while to reduce stress in our life!! Thanks for all this great ideas!!

  2. Rene Pearson

    Love getting a massage, it definately is a stress reliever!

  3. All of my stress is in my shoulders and neck from working at the computer all day as a freelance editor. I can fell myself starting to hunker down like a vulture sometimes! I do use lavender throughout the house, but chamomile upsets my allergies.

  4. Laurie

    I’d love a free massage!

  5. Karen

    I have done massage for years! They are THE BEST…I usually do them twice a month but with the financial crunch I can only go once a month now and I feel the difference in my body…If I could go weekly I would!

  6. helen

    Sometimes a couple needs a massage after lots of stress of work and etc.M e and Hunny work very hard but always stressed.We never had a couple’s massage.Its nice to make time for adult n couple time.Its needed bad

  7. I agree whole heartedly, massage is a great way to relieve stress, and through massage you feel the results right away.

  8. deb rasmussen

    After weeks of suffering from daily headaches, I was so happy that after my last massage, they were totally gone. And I have been headache free since. Thank you Massage Envy.

  9. I’ve been to Massage Envy numerous times along with my daughter and it was the best and that’s why we keep coming back. Great appearance, friendly people and great staff. No complaints from this client! I would love to win one of your prizes as sometimes money is tight and can’t get a massage when needed!

  10. Catherine Hesler

    I SO enjoyed my massage at your Palm Harbor, FL location and was hoping to see a gift certificate on my Birthday today but alas will have to treat myself. The benefits of massage to relieve stress are countless. Please consider opening a Trinity, FL location; the trip will be less stressful! See you soon!

  11. I have been getting massages now for over a year and I love them. I look forward to getting mine every month. I wish I could get one more than that.

  12. Mark Atkinson

    I joined Massage Envy two months ago
    I have gotten a massage every two weeks since,
    Brittany my Therapist is Awesome and very knowledgable , I have a very stressful job ( Drive semi Truck)..and the massages seem to relieve my stress,
    Can’t wait to go back, Next week,
    Highly Recomend Message Envy,

  13. Maureen Patnode

    I had a massage for Valentines Day, a gift from my husband, at one of your centers in Brookfield, Ct. It made me feel like a new person!!!

  14. Audrey Brennan

    I have tried many different massage companies and MASSAGE ENVY is the ONLY one I am truly satisfied with ! They are very interested in my needs !

  15. Allison

    I definitely agree that preventative wellness is the way to go! It’s crazy how stress can wreak havoc on our bodies. Hm, I think I may be in need of a massage soon… :)

  16. erik krouse

    i carry the stress in my shoulders.like all people. but my calves are not strong so my thighs take.all the pressure. and get very sore after a few hours. its tough

  17. Anna Pruitt

    had the best massage yesterday, it really helped with some troubled spots…

  18. Jennifer Allen

    would love to win a free massage. i’ve got a triple wammy of stress and it’s almost my birthday and I’m pregnant. please pick me! :)

  19. tiffany

    oh my! I got a membership as a gift. I extended it and im so happy I did. I love my sessions with brandi. I look forward to then all week!!

  20. Janice Covey

    Best massages ever!!!!

  21. Joan Harris

    Jim in Sarasota is the BEST massage therapist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. anna fulbright

    I love a good agood massage. :)

  23. Meg Imig

    I never thought stress was physical. Then I went on “light duty” due to SEVERE back pain, and the inability to walk, stand or even sit. 2 months later, after 3 massages….I was back to full duty. I’ll never skip a month’s massage, if I can help it…I’m actually thinking about a couple extra the next few months… I <3 massages, and my massage therapist. She rocks!

  24. Beckie

    massage = relaxation

  25. Deb Cohen

    wanted to say thank you for all the great info yesterday on the twitter chat, looking for to more massages to benefit my health

  26. Linda

    my life is one big ball of stress HELP need this bad!!

  27. Donna F.

    Stress reduction is so important! Even my skin look clearer and more radiant when I am under less stress!

  28. Sybil Landreth

    Teaching middle school or any age ranks high on the “Stress-On-The-Go” list. Pressures involving the mandated high-stakes testing , worries over student home environments and the constant political attacks against educators….do you see the red coming out of the top of the thermometer? A massage is a way to let go, letting the creative and empathetic juices flow again so we can better meet the needs in the classroom. It is a way for us to take an hour to replenish patience, creativity, empathy, and good body health to ourselves. The toxic stress fluids are pushed out to make way for the positive chi that will revitalize our souls as ell as our bodies. A massage is a healing gift we give ourselves. It is an hour of paradise.

  29. Teresa Hamilton

    Love you guys! A massage is an answer to everything!!

  30. sheila bunn


  31. Krissie rodriguez

    So thankful for massage envy!

  32. Kara West

    You can use aromatherapy for stress relief as well as invigoration. To get started in the mornings with peppermint essential oil in my oil infuser.

  33. kerri minor

    Progressive muscle relaxation really helps if you’re between massages. Tense up one muscle at a time and then relax it, and then move to another muscle.

  34. Susan Dennis

    Hi guys ……….. love having your massages to look forward to : I am overdue, so I’ll be calling soon. Your kindness and care keep me
    healthy and happy!

  35. April

    I have been enjoying my facials and massages from.Massage Envy and I have been telling everyone!

  36. Massage Envy’s Samantha C.(Walpole) does a wonderful 1 hour massage, from head to fingertips to toes—-AWESOME RELAXATION!!!

  37. Being a Nurse and a permanent Makeup artist keeps me very busy. They are both high stress environments. My massage envy appointments are the highlights of my month!

  38. Robyn Y

    3 kids under 3, boy could I use a massage about now. :)

  39. Cherie smith

    I love my massages every other week with Eric!! He is awesome. Just tried the new sugar foot scrub and it was fantastic… I guess next on my list is an aromatherapy massage 😉

  40. Elisia

    I find that my massages not only help with sore muscles but that they really d-stress me. Especially when I make it an outing with my girlfriends! Can’t waitforour next time at massage envy.

  41. Johnna Tovar

    I use massage envy for my stress relief both physical and mental. Having that quiet time focusing on my massage and breathing keeps my stress levels down and help relieve my chronic pain and fatigue!

  42. Terri

    Massage Envy is my vacation each month. I relax, get de-stressed, and feel wonderful! Everyone should treat themselves to Massage Envy.

  43. Ellen Sentimore

    To reduce stress, a massage or even a hot bubble bath is good as well. Whatever you are able to do that’s relaxing to you. A massage to number really!!

  44. Tracy E

    I think lavender is such a great smell and believe in it’s relaxing properties!

  45. Annette

    A massage with aromatherapy sounds perfect

  46. Anya

    I couldn’t agree more. I know my limits and when I get to them I need to do myself a favor and take a mental health day. In doing so I sometimes opt to take in a nice massage with aromatherapy. I am thankful I have an awesome boss…so if I were to win a massage would love to be able to have the option to give it to her. I currently have a membership at Massage Envy so I am good.

  47. Nikki P

    We use our massages monthly for stress reduction!

  48. Jeff Sweet

    My last aromatherapy massage was definitely stress reducing. Looking forward to my next one this weekend.

  49. Debbie

    I had my first sugar scrub this week when I went for my monthly massage. It was wonderful. I have a problem in my left knee and I couldn’t believe that touching my foot would respond to the pain in my knee. I wish I could afford a weekly massage. I have the best massage therapist~~~Anastasia

  50. carol

    I think my facials are superior to even a massage…best of both worlds..

  51. Michelle Cruz

    I feel great after having a massage, it’s such a great stress reliever, feel better emotionally, physically and mentally. If I could I’d have one every day.

  52. Janis Green

    Aromatherapy including your massage makes you feel so much better. When I go for my massages I love the Aches& Pains aromatherapy.

    It really does make my stress levels and achy joints and muscles. feel so much better. Love Massage Envy!

  53. Amilee

    I could sure use another stress reducing massage!

  54. kim stephens

    I find that when I have a message that I am a whole lot less stressed. Fridays make for a great way to start my weekend.

  55. Colleen

    I have been a member for since the opening of the Gainesville location
    Massage definitely has improved both the level of stress in my daily life AND lower back and hip pain.

  56. Tonya B

    My husband and I love to do a couples massage at the Wildwood location. As a special treat before going we visit Wines of Wildwood for Bessinger chocolates and wine. This makes the massage even more relaxing. No three things go together better than, wine, chocolate and a message.

  57. leigh-anne

    we are so busy in our day to day hustle and bustle that we often forget to make time for relaxation. meditation, massage, and yoga definitely help with that.

  58. I have been a member with Massage Envy since they first opened in Powell. I have been to several locations throughout the states and have always enjoyed my experience. They do a fantastic job of hiring experienced massage therapists and always work to meet the goals I need at each visit. I have also enjoyed their estheticians for facials and love the Murad products. Highly recommend this company.

  59. It would be amazing to be the winner of a massage from “Massage Envy”….I have never experienced a massage from your Company…Stress is a factor in most peoples life’s and I know I would definitely benefit from “Massage Envy’s” knowledge…Thank you for the opportunity to win :)

  60. Rachel Vargo

    Stress number enemy for us all. Our bodies need to relax even if we can’t do a massage your article relating to lavendar is absolutely right. I can just smell this and fall into a better state of mind.
    Hurray for massages though I love them and have enjoyed each time I visited Massage Envy in Santee.

  61. Kari

    Aromatherapy is a huge part of my relaxation and meditation routine. It does wonders!!

  62. I love my time at Massage Envy with Shelia. She is the best!!!

  63. Freda Amos

    Just wanted everyone to know what an amazing deep tissue massage that i received at the Desert Ridge location .I felt so great afterwards and would recomend it for anyone who is stressed or your muscles are sore this is for you. I plan on going back.

  64. Misty Ferguson

    Love this Article. Massages at Massage Envy have defiantly helped my stress levels!The aromatherapy is a great added touch.

  65. Dawn Domena

    Just walked in for information and they were so welcoming, educated and answered all of my questions. Cannot wait till next week for my first appointment!#Jenkintown

  66. Debbie Crocker

    Thank God for Massage Envy! My neck locked up on me and the massages have saved me from incredible discomfort and inability to move – I believe in the benefits of massage so much. An awesome release from major discomfort and limitations.

  67. Michelle Labadie

    Had my 1st visit today at your Quincy branch and had a wonderful experience, bliss..I’ll be back!

  68. Walt

    If I won the free massage I’d book it with Toni, she makes you feel like your floating.

  69. nancy f

    When I’m stressed, scented lotions or candles help a great deal..Scents like lavender and eucalyptus are the best. However, a massage with aromatherapy is the best..

  70. Azure

    I walked into Massage Envy to find out if they had any openings for an hour and half massage. I was greeted by Claire at the front desk. She was very personable, outgoing, friendly and yet professional. I really appreciated and valued her kindness. I can’t wait for my massage tomorrow. :) I’ll write about my experience soon.

  71. Ashley G

    Its amazing the role that stress can play in our lives, but aromatherapy and massage definitely can help alleviate it. I’ve never experienced a massage from Massage Envy before but I may have to soon! Especially with finals around the corner!

  72. Jessica S

    I have not had the pleasure of receiving a massage from
    Massage Envy but I know that it would be beneficial to me. Stress is something that can truly affect a person and I can see something like aromatherapy being a great experience for anyone dealing with great amounts of stress! I would love to be picked for the free massage and to get to experience the great things I’ve heard about your company!

  73. Dominika

    I stll remember my grandma using lavender or other herbs around the house. She will put it in oir baths, under the pillowcases…. I still remember the smell which brings good memory.
    In Europer where I come from aromatherapy is really popular and is used as a remedy for a lot of conditions.
    It would be nice to have a chance to relax….

  74. Yes massage is very beneficial. When it’s done well. Please enter me in the running for the free session. Thanks!

  75. I love lavender essential oil, love the smell and its calming effects, among many other health benefits it provides.

  76. Maria Trevino

    Would love to get this for our anniversary!!

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